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Thredbo Village

The pretty village is snuggled into the foothills of Australia's highest mountains and it is just a slice of the 690,000 hectares that make up the gorgeous Kosciuszko National Park. All year round there is plenty to see and do.

Whatever your passion, the pace of your holiday is entirely up to you. Whether it is eye catching, awe inspiring or heart racing moments you are after, they are all available just outside your door in Thredbo.

The great part about staying in Thredbo is you have all the modern services without the city swarm. The Thredbo Village Square, centrally situated in the heart of the village has a bevy of shops, stores, cafes and conveniences. Combine a great backyard with a stack of in-resort activities including golf, tennis, bobsled, heated pool, fully equipped leisure centre, waterslide and chairlift and you have an all encompassed getaway.
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